Women and money

Money is the one of those things that is necessary for our everyday living and without money you can’t get everything you need to live a healthy and fulfilled life. Of course money is not the only thing that we need but without money you can’t expect to find everything you need in the modern world. We as a society have created a world where we earn money for our jobs we need money to get food and other essential life things and capitalism as a whole system is dedicated in making every life better with the pursuit of money and riches.

In finance films and in actual offices most of the traders and money managers are men and that is somewhat odd because women are also good at various money making tasks and because of their patience and care are sometimes even better at investing and various money making enterprises. But somehow in todays society we have become reliant only on men as our money managers and when we see a woman that is in charge of a large wealth then we immediately think that she has a rich husband or she has inherited all that money. But slowly this thinking trend is disappearing and we are increasingly getting more and more familiar with women in charge of our money supply our economics as well as politics and that is a very great thing because men and women are equal in their intellectual capabilities and also in other aspects of life.

For example women are less prone in getting online loans like “swrafi sesxebi” or “swrafi sesxi uprocento” that are the two most common lan types in Georgia. Georgian authorities have found that women are less attracted to these high interest loans and have more patience when saving their money before getting what they want. And that is a great bonus because lower interest loans mean less money lost and that money can be used in various different activities like entertainment, vacations or just buying some essential things that are necessary for everyday living. Women also tend to spend less on insurance and other financial offers that aren’t that great and can quickly eat up all your money. But nothing is perfect and women also tend to overspend on clothes and other fashion objects a lot more compared with men.

I think we need to embrace all people and all the things that make them great and not judge them by their gender, age or any other thing and that will lead to a much better society!

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