I think that every woman who has a driver’s license and is sitting daily at the steering wheel, at least once in their life has heard a man’s comment about how women do not know how to drive, or that women are inferior car driver than men. However, looking at the statistics, it appears that in fact women are a better car drivers. Then, what up with these negative comments about women and driving?

I think one of the things that makes men believe women are far worse drivers is that often women with car are moving wiser and more slowly. Women often drive in the speed limit and observe all speed limits but many men generally exceed these speed limits and tend to ignore all the permitted speed limits because they feel intolerable. However, the fact that women follow the rules, makes them better car drivers and far safer than men, completely and utterly turning over the male point of view.

Often, one of men’s biggest complaints about women driving is precisely the fact that women do not know how to correctly park cars in parking lots, and this myth is not completely false because”For a strong Australia’ survey revealed that almost two thirds of men think that the most common traffic offense, are from women incorrect parking. But let’s be honest, what you can see more often is that a man is parked his car in two or even three parking areas or that woman is incorrectly parked her car? Often males immediately assumed that it is the woman that has done the parking every time when the parking is done wrong, but it already shows clear discrimination against women. After all, if women can be bus, trolley and tram drivers, which in Riga can be seen very often, are women really is that bad car drivers?

Even according to the companies, which issue car insurance, approximately 75% of all the registered insurance cases have done by men and that already shows that men, although consider themselves to be the best car drivers in fact hardly are. Driving skills are not determined by the sex, age or hair color, but the experience and training, and the more you are driving behind the wheel, the more comfortable you are there you will feel better and you also accommodate road traffic easily, which means that a woman with great experience and frequent driving practices can be as good, if not better driver than a man.

But since we can not change men’s opinions, and because it is found that almost half of all men believe that women are inferior car drivers than men, then, ladies, we have to just put up with it and drive safe and easy on the road to prove that men are not the only Kings of all roads.