Make-up COSTS

Make up, or make-up is the face, hair and other body parts cleaning and styling by various means, so that they look a lot better and get as far as possible closer to the perfect look. But how much then this make-up is worth and how to determine the price of a fashion statement, and how to find out if it is the best for everyday wearing? Cosmetics industry around the world has more than 200 billion revenue businesses and it consists mainly of a few large multinational companies, which then produces, promotes and distributes these make-up cosmetics. When I learned that the whole cosmetic industry is so huge, it immediately makes one to think what else humanity could do with this money and could those 200 billion solve problems such as global warming, space exploration or aging? If that would be true then not using make-up certainly would have made much more sense. But how exactly cost cosmetics for everyday use?

In order to correctly determine how much it costs, at the beginning we have to understand that every woman wearing makeup is different from the one extreme, where the whole face is smeared or from the other extreme, where makeup is not used at all, we would choose the average path. Basically women use cosmetics every day for a little, but most cosmetics are used directly at social events and where more people are staying because women want to look beautiful and do not want to show their wrinkles or facial imperfections.

When comparing cosmetic cost we have to talk about eye cleaning product, powders, tinting creams, eye shadows, lip colors and some other less important things. Basically, all of the above items would cost about 30-50 Euro, and they will be valid from 1 to 3 months depending on how often they are used. This means that a woman spends in cosmetics from about 150 up to 1000 Euro yearly and it is not a small amount, so you can see how this industry can get more than 200 billion annual turnover. But the main problem I think is where the way women prefer to buy cosmetics, for example using fast loans, rather than saveing up and then buying, because this already can be considered a problem and it is unlikely that this money can be so easy to repay, because it basically does not give you anything extra as a truly good appearance is needed only in very rare professions. Make-up should only be a supplement rather than a life line and often women without these makeups looks much better, than with them, but they usually do not understand that!