Until summer there are only a few months left and you need to clean up your physical and mental well being to look and feel great on the beach showing off your body to other people. There are no mystical or magical pills that can help you get rid of those extra kilograms but you will have to work hard and eat a less to get to your goals. You have to make your body beautiful from the outside as well as from the inside and to do that you need to take care of these few things:

  • Hair – To get your hair in order you need to visit your hairdresser and use a hair mask 3 times every week so to make your hair look and feel vibrant and healthy. To create this mask you need to take water, eggs, olive oil, honey and mild and mix it all together and then put that mix inside your hair and keep it there for 10 to 30 minutes. Then repeat this process every other day and after a few weeks you will start to see that your hair will look a lot better and you will get more attention from men. Just remember to fully wash out all those things after this therapy and use a shampoo that has fresh anti oxidants as well as other useful products that will make you hair healthier and better looking. Of course you can also use hair mask that can be bought in store that is full of nutrients but I have found that these home made masks are a lot more effective and organic.
  • Eyelids – You have to use eyelid products that give nutrients as well as moisture to them and you need to apply these products every night before bedtime.
  • Teeth – Of course you can go to a dentist and get your teeth whitened but a much better solution is to use banana peel insides to rub on your teeth as well as orange juice and that will over the course of a month make your teeth a lot whites and healthier.
  • Face – To get your facial skin to the best possible look and create a vibrant look you have to use a face mast 3 times a week just like with that hair mask but here it is better to bet a commercial product that has all those nutrients and will remove any impurities and heal the skin where you have some dry patches. Face is the first thing that we see when meeting new people and that is why you should take care of your face and get it properly leaned and cared for. A beautiful face is much better for attracting mates and the opposite sex as well as will land you more job interviews and allow you to feel better and more beautiful.
  • Body – To heal your body you have to take good care of it and regularly do fitness yoga or other physical activities that will build muscles will burn fat and will allow your limbs and joints to work to their full potential. You can also use some nutrient rich baths or creams that you apply tho the whole body as well as use tanning saloons or just go outside in the sunlight to get that beautiful look.
  • The whole organism – Your whole organism should be cared for if you want to feel great getting out of the bed each morning and yes it takes time but that time will be well worth it when your mood will be improved and you will be able to tackle life challenges head on!

If you use this plan I can guarantee that you will feel much betted after one month and after few month you will feel like a brand new person!