Women and money

Money is the one of those things that is necessary for our everyday living and without money you can’t get everything you need to live a healthy and fulfilled life. Of course money is not the only thing that we need but without money you can’t expect to find everything you need in the modern world. We as a society have created a world where we earn money for our jobs we need money to get food and other essential life things and capitalism as a whole system is dedicated in making every life better with the pursuit of money and riches.

In finance films and in actual offices most of the traders and money managers are men and that is somewhat odd because women are also good at various money making tasks and because of their patience and care are sometimes even better at investing and various money making enterprises. But somehow in todays society we have become reliant only on men as our money managers and when we see a woman that is in charge of a large wealth then we immediately think that she has a rich husband or she has inherited all that money. But slowly this thinking trend is disappearing and we are increasingly getting more and more familiar with women in charge of our money supply our economics as well as politics and that is a very great thing because men and women are equal in their intellectual capabilities and also in other aspects of life.

For example women are less prone in getting online loans like “swrafi sesxebi” or “swrafi sesxi uprocento” that are the two most common lan types in Georgia. Georgian authorities have found that women are less attracted to these high interest loans and have more patience when saving their money before getting what they want. And that is a great bonus because lower interest loans mean less money lost and that money can be used in various different activities like entertainment, vacations or just buying some essential things that are necessary for everyday living. Women also tend to spend less on insurance and other financial offers that aren’t that great and can quickly eat up all your money. But nothing is perfect and women also tend to overspend on clothes and other fashion objects a lot more compared with men.

I think we need to embrace all people and all the things that make them great and not judge them by their gender, age or any other thing and that will lead to a much better society!


Until summer there are only a few months left and you need to clean up your physical and mental well being to look and feel great on the beach showing off your body to other people. There are no mystical or magical pills that can help you get rid of those extra kilograms but you will have to work hard and eat a less to get to your goals. You have to make your body beautiful from the outside as well as from the inside and to do that you need to take care of these few things:

  • Hair – To get your hair in order you need to visit your hairdresser and use a hair mask 3 times every week so to make your hair look and feel vibrant and healthy. To create this mask you need to take water, eggs, olive oil, honey and mild and mix it all together and then put that mix inside your hair and keep it there for 10 to 30 minutes. Then repeat this process every other day and after a few weeks you will start to see that your hair will look a lot better and you will get more attention from men. Just remember to fully wash out all those things after this therapy and use a shampoo that has fresh anti oxidants as well as other useful products that will make you hair healthier and better looking. Of course you can also use hair mask that can be bought in store that is full of nutrients but I have found that these home made masks are a lot more effective and organic.
  • Eyelids – You have to use eyelid products that give nutrients as well as moisture to them and you need to apply these products every night before bedtime.
  • Teeth – Of course you can go to a dentist and get your teeth whitened but a much better solution is to use banana peel insides to rub on your teeth as well as orange juice and that will over the course of a month make your teeth a lot whites and healthier.
  • Face – To get your facial skin to the best possible look and create a vibrant look you have to use a face mast 3 times a week just like with that hair mask but here it is better to bet a commercial product that has all those nutrients and will remove any impurities and heal the skin where you have some dry patches. Face is the first thing that we see when meeting new people and that is why you should take care of your face and get it properly leaned and cared for. A beautiful face is much better for attracting mates and the opposite sex as well as will land you more job interviews and allow you to feel better and more beautiful.
  • Body – To heal your body you have to take good care of it and regularly do fitness yoga or other physical activities that will build muscles will burn fat and will allow your limbs and joints to work to their full potential. You can also use some nutrient rich baths or creams that you apply tho the whole body as well as use tanning saloons or just go outside in the sunlight to get that beautiful look.
  • The whole organism – Your whole organism should be cared for if you want to feel great getting out of the bed each morning and yes it takes time but that time will be well worth it when your mood will be improved and you will be able to tackle life challenges head on!

If you use this plan I can guarantee that you will feel much betted after one month and after few month you will feel like a brand new person!

Make-up COSTS

Make up, or make-up is the face, hair and other body parts cleaning and styling by various means, so that they look a lot better and get as far as possible closer to the perfect look. But how much then this make-up is worth and how to determine the price of a fashion statement, and how to find out if it is the best for everyday wearing? Cosmetics industry around the world has more than 200 billion revenue businesses and it consists mainly of a few large multinational companies, which then produces, promotes and distributes these make-up cosmetics. When I learned that the whole cosmetic industry is so huge, it immediately makes one to think what else humanity could do with this money and could those 200 billion solve problems such as global warming, space exploration or aging? If that would be true then not using make-up certainly would have made much more sense. But how exactly cost cosmetics for everyday use?

In order to correctly determine how much it costs, at the beginning we have to understand that every woman wearing makeup is different from the one extreme, where the whole face is smeared or from the other extreme, where makeup is not used at all, we would choose the average path. Basically women use cosmetics every day for a little, but most cosmetics are used directly at social events and where more people are staying because women want to look beautiful and do not want to show their wrinkles or facial imperfections.

When comparing cosmetic cost we have to talk about eye cleaning product, powders, tinting creams, eye shadows, lip colors and some other less important things. Basically, all of the above items would cost about 30-50 Euro, and they will be valid from 1 to 3 months depending on how often they are used. This means that a woman spends in cosmetics from about 150 up to 1000 Euro yearly and it is not a small amount, so you can see how this industry can get more than 200 billion annual turnover. But the main problem I think is where the way women prefer to buy cosmetics, for example using fast loans, rather than saveing up and then buying, because this already can be considered a problem and it is unlikely that this money can be so easy to repay, because it basically does not give you anything extra as a truly good appearance is needed only in very rare professions. Make-up should only be a supplement rather than a life line and often women without these makeups looks much better, than with them, but they usually do not understand that!


I think that every woman who has a driver’s license and is sitting daily at the steering wheel, at least once in their life has heard a man’s comment about how women do not know how to drive, or that women are inferior car driver than men. However, looking at the statistics, it appears that in fact women are a better car drivers. Then, what up with these negative comments about women and driving?

I think one of the things that makes men believe women are far worse drivers is that often women with car are moving wiser and more slowly. Women often drive in the speed limit and observe all speed limits but many men generally exceed these speed limits and tend to ignore all the permitted speed limits because they feel intolerable. However, the fact that women follow the rules, makes them better car drivers and far safer than men, completely and utterly turning over the male point of view.

Often, one of men’s biggest complaints about women driving is precisely the fact that women do not know how to correctly park cars in parking lots, and this myth is not completely false because”For a strong Australia’ survey revealed that almost two thirds of men think that the most common traffic offense, are from women incorrect parking. But let’s be honest, what you can see more often is that a man is parked his car in two or even three parking areas or that woman is incorrectly parked her car? Often males immediately assumed that it is the woman that has done the parking every time when the parking is done wrong, but it already shows clear discrimination against women. After all, if women can be bus, trolley and tram drivers, which in Riga can be seen very often, are women really is that bad car drivers?

Even according to the companies, which issue car insurance, approximately 75% of all the registered insurance cases have done by men and that already shows that men, although consider themselves to be the best car drivers in fact hardly are. Driving skills are not determined by the sex, age or hair color, but the experience and training, and the more you are driving behind the wheel, the more comfortable you are there you will feel better and you also accommodate road traffic easily, which means that a woman with great experience and frequent driving practices can be as good, if not better driver than a man.

But since we can not change men’s opinions, and because it is found that almost half of all men believe that women are inferior car drivers than men, then, ladies, we have to just put up with it and drive safe and easy on the road to prove that men are not the only Kings of all roads.


Training and fitness is one of the activities that we make us not only stay healthy, but also to feel and look good, but so our training to be successful and effective we need to use proper training techniques. It is also normal to wear specific training clothes, because only in this way will it be possible to get the best out of your workouts and the most effective results.

The very first rule, which must be respected when choosing clothing for workouts or any other fitness activity is that it should be convenient, as well as a very good fit to your body. Do not choose uncomfortable workout clothing or clothing that is too small or too large, because such clothes will only interfere with the your training and therefore interfere with the end results.

Yet it is important to choose the clothes, which, so to speak, breathe, since only such outfits will allow you not only to maintain a normal body temperature so you don’t overheat during exercise, but also will feel comfortable. With breathing clothes you will be able to continue your training and as a result you will attain your goals, whether they are to lose weight or simply to improve your physical shape.

When you choose a fitness clothing, be sure to take into account the activities that you will do in the clothing for example for cycling and yoga you will most likely want to choose a slightly different clothes. For example, for cycling, it is better to choose either a pair of shorts or trousers with tight legs so that material would not get caught in the bicycle pedals or chain. But for yoga you should choose clothing that is comfortable and stretches to get you properly to meet all those difficult yoga postures. Good idea to buy any sporting activity appropriate clothing is to do it on the Internet, because in online stores you will be able to see all possible offers with all types of sports clothing, and then decide which clothing to buy and which probably will not be quite suitable for you to use on preferred activities.

Since Latvia does not excel in the warmer climate, then, when buying sports clothing, is certainly also beneficial to think about how the same clothes transform so that they are also suitable, for example, while running in the fall or early spring. Here it will be useful to buy the so-called “over” clothes on top of the thin T-shirt you put on with long arms and also it is great to get a sport jacket. This way you will not feel limited as it would be if you were playing sports in your overcoat or your fall jacket, and you can work out in the same way as were in the summer with thinner clothes.

Sports should be interesting and excite you to continue doing it, so why should not render it more enjoyable with a new, comfortable and freely breathing clothing?